Short Bio:

When not working for “the man” I create Antiques from Another Universe. Artwork that has been featured around the Seattle area and is inspired by Victorian and Edwardian style.  If you are interested I’ve placed a bio below that tells a few things about my life as an artist.

-Gary (garybwatts@gmail.com)


Gary Watts has dedicated his life to bringing fresh ideas and inspiration to the arts while incorporating influences from all around him. It is his passion as an artist to always look for new opportunities to train and enhance his skills and talent.
A move to Seattle in 1985 changed his life.

“I discovered artists that were able to make a living or close to a living at their art. Actors who considered that their full time job while waiting tables.  I was suddenly thrust into a dream world where I wasn’t the Artsy Weirdo.”

In the summer of 1990 he joined the Burien Little Theatre.  The Burien Little Theatre is a nonprofit dramatic organization for the production of performances, community activities, and workshops.

“I used my lighting and sound skills learned in college and helped the theater upgrade their sound and light booth. I co-produced No Sex Please, We’re British after convincing the theater that it was going to bring in a large audience.  The show ran over for 4 extra weeks and it paid all the bills for the coming two years.”

A meeting with a member of the Redmond Arts Commission lead him to the discovery of automobiles as an art form.  Gary started a correspondence with the people who produce the Seattle Art Car Blowout at the Fremont Fair in Seattle.  Shortly afterwards his vehicles were being displayed in shows and parades from British Columbia Canada, to southern California.
Gary has worked as a Barker with the Cirque Du Soleil and volunteers with various art groups including the Moisture Festival.

Gary currently using all his past experiences to produce both digital and tangible artwork. His artwork has recently been featured at both the Rung Gallery in Seattle and at various Science Fiction events.

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