Capissen 38


The Capissen 38 was an art car created by Phil Teller of Redmond Washington.

It began it’s life as a silver car named Glitterati and was made for his daughter’s wedding at Burning Man.

Capissen 015


It became Firefly/Serenity themed, was repainted industrial yellow and was renamed Capissen 38. You can search for “Capissen 38 art car” and see a lot of images of it in it’s glory.

capissen_3820140314_110943 20140314_111150

It passed through a few owners before coming to me. When I received it I hoped to fix it up and use it as a daily driver but the body was too far gone.  The woodwork that was done on the car was rotten, and the safety features such as a parking brake and backup lights were not operating. Water had gotten under most of the art car additions and created lots of rust.


After adding up the cost to repair the car itself it would cost over $3000 dollars to fix.  Knowing that I could buy another car for less than that I stripped the body of everything art car and had the body towed away, giving someone the chance to use the engine and other parts to build their own car.

P1030790 Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 2.26.55 PM Vw_beetle_pick-up_back vw-beetle-truck-31 vwpickupBUG-PICKUP-1A vwtruckproject

I plan on remaking the Capissen 38 on a new car. Currently I’m looking at using a VW Bug Truck.  It would allow me to create an art car plus the flame thrower would be removable allowing me to still haul things.


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