My wife wants me to build a Woody VW and has arranged for me to get plans to do so. Unfortunately we don’t have a space of our own large enough to tackle the project.

So until we do, I have another project in mind. I just bought plans to make a 3/4 scale Voiturette.


It’s a lovely car and I’ve been wanting to make a small classic looking electric car for sometime. It may not get me to work, but it will be fun to drive around the private road we live on.

$15.00 lightsaber

I’ve been reading about unique lightsabers on the RPF (Replica Prop Forum) and I decided to make one. A couple parts from my junk bin amd I have the start of a nice basic Saber.

$15 lightsaber emitter

$15 lightsaber hilt

Photoshoot – Cancelled

My Steampunk/Star Wars/No Pants day photo shoot is now cancelled. The weather is worse than predicted and I do not want folks to wander around in their finest clothes/costumes and have to dodge the downpour.

I will be rescheduling it for a later date, hopefully still in May.

I’ve limited my Facebook, this is what happened

When I was looking for work over the past year I was online 12 to 16 hours a day. Facebook became a way to keep in touch with my friends. I was at home looking for work and staying home trying not to spend any money, even a few dollars on gas to go have a cup of drink with friends.

I told myself that when I returned to work I would just use Facebook for keeping track of events and to participate in groups that I was involved with. I hooked up my blog to post to G+ and Tumblr. My Tumblr account would cross post to Twitter, and Twitter would post a comment to Facebook. I thought this was an easy way to let my friends and followers to keep track of what I was doing, and keep me from getting hooked on my FB newfeed for hours.

Funny thing I found out, if something get posted to Facebook people assume it was written on Facebook. While I do past things on Facebook while I an signed in, most of my posts now come from Twitter. Its fun reading some of the comments on Facebook from my twitter posts a later in the week and seeing some of my friends asking me questions about the post and then asking why I’m not answering them.

So I finally made a change to my profile and let my friends know that I’ll be on Facebook in a more limited fashion. What I didn’t expect is that I would be spending so much time explaining to some people why I wasn’t going to be on Facebook all day, everyday.

So I’m making this post to let these folks know one last time. The reason I’m not on Facebook all day everyday is because I’m back to work. I still love you, like to keep in touch with you, but I am working now and won’t be on Facebook all the time. So lets get together for drinks and chat in person, I can afford gas now.