The last mac I’ll ever own.

Back in 2007 I saved up for six months and bought a MacBook Pro Unibody model.  I was thinking that it was such a great machine that it would be the last Mac I would ever own.

This thought was based on my previous experience with Macs going back to the Mac 128.  Every Mac I’ve owned has outlived it’s usefulness.  The software grew better and the machine was unable to run the new features. The machines themselves were still fine, but just couldn’t keep up, even with some upgrades to the hardware.

The MacBook Pro is reaching the end of it’s hardware life.  I’ve already replaced the motherboard once. The hard-drive is now showing signs of nearing it’s death.  The battery will be the next to go.

When my machines in the past could do the job I wanted I would lovingly wrap them up in bubble plastic and pass them on to someone else who didn’t need to use the latest version of PhotoShop, or whatever software I was using that could no longer be used on the old Mac.

This is the first Mac I’ve ever owned that I will not be replacing with another model.  I’ve had this Mac for 6 years and it was a beautiful machine until I noticed that it was heating up on the left side, and that caused the solder joints on the USB ports to fail..  After replacing the hard drive the machine continued to over-heat. Luckily a friend told me about a piece of software that allowed you to control the fans and keep them on all the time.  Now the laptop is much cooler, but now other parts of the machine are dieing.

I’ll continue to use this machine until it is dead. I may even replace the hard drive and battery at sometime. If the motherboard goes again though I will not be getting another Mac.

My next machine will be either in Intel machine running Linux, or a Chromebook.  I use my Gmail account for almost everything now so the Chromebook might be a good move for me.  I have an old desktop machine running Windows 7, so if I had to I could still play STEAM and access other programs that are not in the Chrome OS World.

So this is why I won’t be getting another Mac.